Thursday, 3 December 2015

Five Signs That Your Septic Tank is Ready for Service

Septic tanks are integral to a self-sufficient home. You need to manage your sewage and well water effectively to keep your place clean and healthy. It is easy to overlook the septic tank and let it fill, but failing to keep to regular maintenance can be very costly. You don’t have to be an expert to recognize the warning signs. Here are five common tells that you need to empty the tank.

1.The Smell

Septic tanks deal with waste and sewage. The most common and obvious sign of an issue is when the tank can no longer hold the stench at bay. If you don’t normally smell your tank and a sudden smell erupts, it is probably time for a pump. There is no reason to live with pungent odors.

2. A New Pool

This is perhaps the most common sign of a full tank. While you may be considering a new pool, this is obviously not the way you want it. Keep an eye on the land in and around the drain field. This is where you are most likely to see pooling, and a sharp eye can prevent a gross mishap.

3. Slower Draining

If you sinks start to empty a little more slowly, it is a good indicator that you need a pump. Some clogs can be localized, but if the entire house is noticing the issue, you should think to the septic tank first. Getting the tank serviced will get those drains emptying fast again.

4. High Levels of Nitrate

If you are on well water, you should consider regular tests of your water anyways. If you notice high nitrate concentrations, it is likely related to a full septic tank. Full systems enable bacteria and nitrates to bleed into the soil, affecting the well supply. This indicator is also a compelling reason to stay on top of septic maintenance.

5. Extra Green Grass

When everything is working as expected, the grass above the tank should be as healthy as anywhere else. When the tank gets too full, it can affect the color and health of the grass adjacent to the system. In some cases this can kill grass, but in most it will deepen the green shade of the grass. Don’t be tempted with this alternative fertilization method.

These major signs can help you avoid disastrous overflows. For more information on septic tank pumping in Santa Cruz, check out this website.

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